Services to accelerate adaptation to climate change

Services to accelerate adaptation to
climate change

We break the barrier of actionability and give people the steering wheel of technological development.

We bring additional value through technological and methodological innovation, applied with a cross-cutting approach and a holistic perspective.

We are not just adapting to climate change, we are agents of change.

We build on scientific knowledge, tools and solutions to transform climate change adaptation. We speed up your transformation!

We analyse systems, products, services and processes to assess their sustainability in two areas:

  • Territory: water, soil, air and biodiversity.
  • Built environment: cities and buildings.

We develop the sustainability basis for products, services, processes and investments, in line with the European taxonomy.

We carry out actions focused on promoting environmental awareness at a social level. We develop methodologies based on teaching where technology and play are the basis for learning.

We promote active decision-making skills, critical thinking and knowledge acquisition in a participatory way.

Drone school

Get ready for the future!

Drone workshops based on STEM education. It awakens technology skills and stimulates pupils’ curiosity and creativity.

Why do Icatalist services accelerate climate change adaptation?

“With our Adaptation Acceleration Framework, we connect data networks and models with traceable actions. This allows us to design and implement concrete measures for all parties involved.”

Our network of projects

Participatory processes


Sustainable climate change adaptation strategies for smallholder farmers based on ecosystem services.

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Participatory processes


Managing resilient nexus systems through participatory system dynamics models.

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